Collection: Expo and Conference Program Ads

American Model United Nations International (AMUN) offers many opportunities to advertise your organization to our 750 to 1,400 highly motivated college and university students attending this year’s conference.

Advertise in our Conference Program

The first opportunity is to place an advertisement in the AMUN Conference Program. The AMUN Conference Program is distributed to all participants and contains the conference schedule and other pertinent participant information, maximizing the exposure of any ads placed in the program. Full and half page advertisement spaces are available. Limited premium advertisement spaces are available at an extra cost. Last year’s (2022) Conference Program is available in PDF format as part of our Final Conference Report.

Your contribution to our Conference Program can highlight your organization’s activities and programs, promote your business or a specific program, or just welcome students to the conference on behalf of your organization.

Register for the Graduate School and Career Expo

The second opportunity is to participate in the AMUN Graduate School and Career Expo. Your organization can take advantage of this opportunity to meet and talk to our participants. The expo will take place on Monday, 20 November 2023 from 9:30 a.m. CT to 1:30 p.m. CT. The event will be announced and highlighted for all of our participants both in news postings throughout the Conference, our Conference Program and in meetings throughout the Conference. The Expo will be located in the main corridor, outside of the primary meeting rooms that hold most of the Conference events.

The Graduate School and Career Expo will feature both staffed and unstaffed display areas. If you choose to send one or more individuals to staff a space, your group will be provided with a 6 or 8 foot skirted table. Minimal power usage (typically a wall plug) will also be available at many tables. Please inform us in advance if you will need power, or any other logistical assistance for your table. Non-staffed display space is also available for an additional $50 fee. AMUN staff members will set up your organization’s materials on an unstaffed table during the Expo. Shipping instructions will be sent prior to the Conference.

Distribute Brochures

The third opportunity is to include brochures or pamphlets in the AMUN opening packets. If you are unable to attend the Expo you may wish to include brochures in AMUN’s opening packet provided to all attendees during registration. You can include brochures or pamphlets for each participant in the opening packet for $400.

We hope that a variety of groups, organizations and individuals will consider placing an advertisement with AMUN and participating in the Graduate School and Career Expo. You can actively support the education of tomorrow’s leaders by contributing in this way to the AMUN International Conference, to be held online at the at the Sheraton Grand Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, from 18–21 November 2023.